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The Sacred Glow Magical Radiance Beauty Ritual Face Mask
The Sacred Glow Magical Radiance Beauty Ritual Face Mask
The Sacred Glow Magical Radiance Beauty Ritual Face Mask

The Sacred Glow Magical Radiance Beauty Ritual Face Mask

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Mantra Chanting the following mantra for moon can enhance one’s beauty and give a radiant glow on one’s face. This is the Chandra mantra for beauty: 

“Om Chandraya Namah”Chanting this mantra for 54 or 108 times on a Monday can bring out your inner beauty by absorbing the moon’s energy.

Benefits: radiant and flawless complexion, infuses skin with botanical nourishment to produce a healthy glow and enhance your natural beauty, pulls impurities and imparts anti-aging, restorative elasticity to skin. Encourages creative and authentic self-expression

Feels like: the powder, when mixed with spring water, unlocks all of the precious botanicals hidden inside the powdery concoction. Feels like applying the very essence of beauty and nourishment to your skin, the mask goes on smoothly and enriches your entire being with the heavenly scent of radiance

Product story: a complete accident that is now legendary. During a solitary evening in, the mystic was playing around with all her kitchen favorites. She knew she was onto something when her intuition, her soul guidance led her to each botanical and herb as if by divine guidance, combining the food grade ingredients to make this powerful mask. 

Ingredients: bentonite clay, turmeric powder, sea kelp powder, orchid extract, vitamin e oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil

Scent profile: rosemary and lavender combine to create the most beautiful botanical scent with hints of turmeric for an extra kick

Emotional benefits/spotlight on magical botanicals: sea kelp is a powerhouse of nourishment and nutrition full of minerals for the skin. Sea kelp is antioxidant rich, known to help soften and hydrate dry skin, helps your skin retain moisture, keeping it hydrated for longer. It is known to reduce the appearance of breakouts and fine lines. Turmeric has been used as a beautifying skin tonic for centuries to help bring out the glow and radiance and enhance the natural beauty of pure, well nourished skin. The anti inflammatory properties help calm and soothe redness and breakouts and brings healing to irritated skin. 

How to use: (do not use metal with this mask)mix 1-2 teaspoons of powder with an equal amount of spring water. Mix well with a mask brush until the mixture becomes a creamy paste. Apply slowly and rhythmically while reciting the mantra. Close your eyes and allow mask to do its magic for 10-15 minutes while envisioning your ideal life. Rinse and buff with facial sponges