The Mystic Healer: Magick Ritual Soak
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The Mystic Healer: Magick Ritual Soak

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Use this powerful Miracle Cure-All Healing Ritual Bath Soak to

  • beat cold and flu symptoms 
  • ease fevers and chills
  • clear sinuses and stuff nose
  • get rid of a bad hangover 
  • alleviate fatigue, tiredness and general malaise 
  • beat insomnia and get restful sleep 
  • put a smile in your ❤️ and feel really really good 

The Miracle Cure-All is truly Magic!

This energetically infused Magick Healing Bath Potion is hand made by a Mystic and Master Healer in accordance with specific moon phases. 

  • Imbued with powerful intentions and transformational healing energy 
  • attuned to the cosmic frequencies of higher realms
  • created with true love and the highest reverence from the finest therapeutic grade ingredients 



high mineral Italian sea salt, premium epsom salt, sodium bicarbonate, dendritic salt, mustard powder, eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil, Valencia orange essential oil, rosemary essential oil


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