High Vibe Zen Relaxation and Meditation Spray
High Vibe Zen Relaxation and Meditation Spray

High Vibe Zen Relaxation and Meditation Spray

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Title: High Vibe Zen Relaxation and Meditation Spray

Mantra: om mani padme hum

Benefits: Calms anxiety and nervousness, creates space for yoga, meditation and spiritual ritual. Helps create an energetic container and holds space for your healing.

Feels like:Close your eyes and picture yourself on a spiritual retreat in Ojai, California. You’re surrounded by the most beautiful healing energy and you find yourself in beautiful spa. You breathe deep, inhaling the uplifting aromas of eucalyptus and lavender, peppermint oil helps open up your pathways and you’re able to receive more oxygen more life force prana. Life is good and living is delicious.

Product story: Born out of the need to slow down in a fast paced matrix kind of world, the high vibe zen spray is the mystic’s go to tool for creating sacred space and preparing for spiritual ritual. Our olfactory senses are a powerful force for setting the mood and evoking certain states. This spray is incredible for calming a busy mind and helping you get into a meditative state. 

Ingredients: witch hazel, demineralized water, eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil, mint essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, cosmic healing frequencies, mantra chant, energy activation.

Scent profile: eucalyptus and lavender blend together with mint and grapefruit to evoke the scents of getting an aromatherapy massage in a high end spa

Emotional benefits/ spotlight ingredients/magical botanicals: grapefruit essential oil has the ability to restore your connection to your truest feelings, promotes the release of anger and eases frustration as well as having an uplifting effect on the psyche. Peppermint essential oil facilitates the opening of bronchial airways which helps you breathe easier and deeper. Lavender and eucalyptus are the classical power plants for relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration. 

How to use: spray into your auric field and on your body prior to meditation or yoga, spray on to your altar, on candles to activate, on your yoga mat and meditation cushion. Spray in the air and inhale during times of stress or anxiety. Take three spray accompanied deep breaths in cases of emergency.