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High Vibe Chill Pill Magical Bath Salt Soak

Mantra: ong namo guru dev namo

Benefits: helps calm the mind, clears negative and heavy energy from your body and your aura, helps you release heavy, negative emotions and leaves you feeling lighter, happier and brighter. Raises your vibration.

Feels like: Feels like stepping into a cosmic, intergalactic cleansing chamber for the complete purification of your entire being. Imagine being a star princess who's taken on a little too much. You need to decompress and destress and you call upon your galactic tribe to help you. High Vibe Chill Pill is something like a starship for your soul, a way to transport yourself to higher states of being. Pretty cool, right? 


Product story: HVCP was developed years ago by our mystic creator as a part of her own personal energetic hygiene protocol. It was absolutely necessary to have a tool that would purify the body.mind in minutes while raising the vibration and easign stress, especially after a long day of doing energy work and spiritual warfare. Thus, high vibe chill pill was born and is now being shared with all mystics world-wise and all across the galaxies. 

Ingredients: high mineral italina sea salt, dendritic salt, dried wild sage, cedarwood essential oil, lavender essential oil, valencia orange essential oil, peppermint essential oil.

Scent profile: woodsy and herbal with hints of citrus and mint, underlying notes of lavender round out the aromatherapy experience.

Emotional benefits/spotlight on magical botanicals: cedars are mentioned in the bible and symbolize a source of protection, wisdom and abundance. The essential oil of these powerful tree is reputed to be a natural sedative (bye, xanax!) and improves focus and ADHD. It's widely known for its stress relieving properties and even has antiseptic  properties. Wild sage has been used by the native Americans for centuries in ceremonial and sacred rites to cleanse the energetic field and create space for energetic transformation.

How to use

to create a beautiful, powerful and enriching sacred self care practice, add several handfuls of the magical bath soak to a warm (not overly hot) bath. Swirl the salts in the water while reciting the mantra. Bless your bath by setting your intention and calling in your spirit guides. Soak for at least 15-20 minutes while allowing your mind to clear and allow the magic to become manifest. Repeat often.