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All about Bad Vibe Eliminator

This is the ultimate energy and aura cleanser, a powerful spray that transmutes heavy and negative energy to uplift, bring in lightness and positivity, inspire joy and raise your vibration.


A magical, energetically infused liquid inside a recyclable aluminum bottle, topped with a microspray tip for a wide reaching mist. Total wt 4oz.

Bad Vibe Eliminator is the mystic’s answer to living in the world as a highly sensitive empath. The world you’re in is full of all kinds of wacky vibes that you’re picking up and carrying around in your auric field. This is your solution! Use Bad Vibe Eliminator to clear, cleanse and uplift throughout the day. This spray goes where sage and palo santo cannot and is a more sustainable choice.

Scent profile:

Aroma evocative of walking through the woods in the fall with hints of cedar bark, pine trees and sage leaves.

How to use Bad Vibe Eliminator


  • Spray your home, your workspace and all around your auric field to clear negative energy and create space for positivity.
  • Safe for face and body and may be used as a protective body spray as well as facial toner.
  • Spray in the morning to protect your energy during the day; spray mid-day to clear and lift your vibration and at night to cleanse your aura before bed.
  • Use instead of sage to maintaining a high vibration in all your spaces and to ground yourself.
  • Spray on new items and articles of clothing, spray on friends and lovers.
  • Use anywhere, spread good vibes everywhere.


What's in Bad Vibe Eliminator (and why)

Cedarwood essential oil helps calm and ground, restores the nervous system. Inspires confidence and enhances mood.

Fir needle essential oil promotes the release of stagnant emotions, encourages oneness and peace and helps to recharge and rejuvenate.

Sage essential oil helps you let it all go, facilitates a deep detox of emotional and mental heaviness, strengthens the resolve, eases fatigue.

Cosmic Healing Frequencies are a divine spell to enhance the mixture and activate the energetic template thereby making it magical.

Divine Mantra Chant raises the vibration and sets the intention for the product.

Energetic Activation an incantation that unlocks the power of the plants, minerals and intention inside the concoction.

Witch Hazel stabilizes the oils and preserves them in place.

Demineralized water is a carrier for the entire formula and holds the entire concoction as one blend.

That's it! Every ingredient has been intentionally chosen for its powerful properties and infused with healing energy.

Feels Like

Using this product feels like a soul level energy purification. Imagine leaving your whole world behind and walking into a dreamy, enchanted forest, connecting with the spirit of the woods and seeing a million shades of green.

Inspired by the timeless Japanese practice of forest bathing, this energy clearing spray is like walking into the lush high vibe forest and emerging cleared, cleansed, purified and renewed.

Mantra & Ritual

The Moola Mantra is chanted into the Bad Vibe Eliminator formula and we invite you to chant the Moola Mantra while using this product to enhance your experience.

Moola Mantra:

Om Satchitananda Parabrahma

Purushothama Paramatama

Sri Bhagavati Sametha

Sri Bhagavate Namaha

Hari om tat sat




Oh Divine Force, Spirit of All

Creation, Highest Personality,

Divine Presence, manifest in

every living being.

Supreme Soul manifested as the

Divine Mother and as the Divine Father.

I bow in deepest reverence.

How we're different

Each and every Mystic's Apothecary product is lovingly hand made with intention, in accordance with moon phases and is energetically activated and infused with healing frequencies. Our focus is on your entire being, a wholistic approach encompassing the body, mind, spirit and emotional realms. We create tools for powerful self care and transformational spiritual ritual, disguised as beauty products. Each product is hand made and hand filled, from food grade ingredients, by a healer who is deeply in love with the work.

Our mission and purpose is to hold space for your healing and to help you create and maintain a practice of sacred self care and spiritual ritual so that you can be happy, healthy, in tune with your soul and live your most joyfully inspired, love filled life.

The Mystic's Apothecary is a woman owned small business with a focus on community, sustainability and creating a better world, one person at a time. Our creator's main mantra is "I will leave this world better than I found it" and we hold ourselves to this strict standard.

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