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2020 Your Best Year! Visionary Manifesting Event

2020 Your Best Year! Visionary Manifesting Event

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2020 Promises to be a year unlike any other. Are you ready to ride the epic wave of energy and magic to your greatest, most sole-attuned destiny? If the answer is "not quite" then this event is for you. 

What: a powerful and transformational hands-on workshop, intention visioning and group energy healing session created specifically for the energetic template of the coming year.

Who: This event is channeled from the Divine and facilitated by Mystic, Healer and Cosmic Intuitive Delfina Alden aka @shethemystic. Delfina has been facilitating workshops, healing circles, moon ceremonies, and group healing events since the mass awakening in 2012 as well as doing healing journeys, readings and personal soul awakenings for over 12 years. 

Why: You have the power to create your daily experience. You have the power and potential to change the world. You determine whether this coming year will be just another ho-hum year or if you're ready for it to be an epic year of living as your true soul self, waking up daily with joy in your heart and truly living your best life.

This intimate and highly curated event is your chance to do just that, to set yourself up for success by getting to the root of your true heart's desires, aligning with your soul's call and magically co-creating a life that reflects your highest potential.

When: Sunday, December 29th, 2019 @ 12-3pm an intimate gathering in a private home

What’s Included: 

  • Guided group meditation to align your chakras and frequencies to your highest potential 
  • Group Energy Healing session to remove energetic blocks to abundance, success and living your true purpose and potential
  • Group Energy Reading in a way that applies to you as the individual as well as the collective in this particular incarnation
  • Intention Setting and Manifesting Ritual for empowering and activating your year
  • Ritual Candle which will be infused with manifesting energy
  • Spiritual Guidance Q & A Session with Mystic, Healer and Oracle Delfina Alden
  • Light Refreshments 
  • Networking and meeting like-minded people who are on a spiritual path
  • Positive and healing vibes and a healing circle, space heald for your transformation 

Want in? We'd love to have you join us! Click add to cart and checkout in order to register. You'll receive an email with all the details when you purchase your ticket to this event. If this feels right, if your intuition and inner guidance led you here, don’t wait, register right now. This is a small event and the number of spaces are greatly limited so it might sell out. Hope to see you there!