September 08, 2020

How often do you end the business and frenetic activity of the day feeling frazzled, anxious and detached from your sense of self? Modern life can feel relentless, and the pressure to work to the beat of others’ drums means its all to easy to neglect our innate need for rest, self-compassion and for self-care. 


Pervading anxiety is a blaring call that can prompt us towards self-care ritual and nourishing spiritual practices to nurture and tend to the preciousness of who we truly are. When we do take a moment to contemplate and reflect, that inner source of wisdom reveals the beauty of our being.

 Sacred self-care and spiritual rituals for self-love are potent antidotes to the stress and anxiety of the day. 

A relaxing, self-care ritual bath using high vibe products, for example, is a powerful statement of self-compassion, cleansing not just our bodies, but also dissolving any lingering self-criticism and self- judgment. Let’s consider what such self-care and spiritual rituals for self-love might look like, and how they can help tackle anxiety.

A return to Ritual....


  • Ritual is an ancient practice and wisdom, a common feature of countless cultures and spiritual traditions. Our ancestors understood the power of ritual  to signify importance, to mark transition, to invite renewal and to create and sustain identity. 


  • Ritual allows for the ineffable, the mystical, to be powerfully expressed in action, symbolism: both within and outside of time. Rituals connect the ordinary and mundane to the sacred and profound. 


  • Ritual provides structure and containment, allowing us to reconnect with that which is of value. 
For this reason, a self-care ritual bath, using nourishing and enhancing natural ingredients, can be a life-giving spiritual ritual if we embrace the experience with an attitude of self-compassion and self-love. The ritualistic preparation of such a bath marks the transition from ordinary time, towards a timelessness. 

The Simple Magic of Water...



  • The entering into the bath marks a sensual and therapeutic self-care commitment, as the water and the natural products embrace and enfold, stimulating our senses. 


  • A return to water carries a deep mystical and magical symbolism, connecting us to our birth and journey through life and inviting renewal as we cleanse and wash away the tension of the outer world. This is a time of inner-stillness and transformation. A comforting, healing cocoon of botanical and mineral infused waters that sustains our identity as welcomed, wonderful and as worthy.


  • Bathing in sacred waters has been a self-care ritual of choice for thousands of years. Ancient Romans embraced the healing potential of fragranced warm waters, enriched with essential oils and natural herbs. Ancient Indian Royals benefited from milk baths with the ancient ayurvedic texts describing such bathing as beneficial for sleep, appetite and mood. And Hippocrates, Ancient Greek physician, recommended water therapy to "allay lassitude". 


  • Modern science confirms that hydrotherapy (the application of water to the body surface to help it heal and feel better) can bring about positive changes to our physical and mental health. 



The act of commitment to self-care ritual through, for example, self-care ritual bathing and cleansing is also an act of commitment to meeting anxiety, stress and tension with loving kindness. 


The containment of the bathing ritual invites renewal and transformation. Whether it is gently sprinkling the clary sage and lavender essential oil enriched minerals of Moontime Moonshine Self Care Ritual Bath Soak into running waters, or luxuriating as Love and Passion Potion Magical Bath Soak works its aphrodisiac magic upon you, consider how you can honor yourself through the mystical and healing ritual of sacred bathing. 

-written by Claire Law

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